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Teen Therapy: How to Support Your Child

Surviving the teen years is indeed a hero’s journey. Emotional and physical pitfalls and triumphs are part of this wild adventure. Perhaps you and your child are finding that therapy will help you stay afloat in the sea of social, emotional,…
Two teen girls sit on the ground playing with a tennis ball together. Want to help your teen better understand themselves? Speak with a teen therapist to see how teen therapy in evanston, IL can help them.

Nurturing Self-Esteem Through Teen Therapy

Generally speaking, the teen years are bursting with emotional, physical, and social changes. It's important to realize what your teen is going through. Take a quick trip down memory lane and call up those years. Amid intense self-discovery,…
A group of teens walk together outside in a park. Want to help your teen develop in a healthy way? Speak with a teen therapist to learn how Therapy for Teenagers in Evanston, IL helps!

Therapy for Teenagers: A Clear Guide for Early Intervention

Teen years can be tough. Bodies change, hormones rage, and emotions run high. Most teens manage this challenging time okay, but some struggle with anxiety, depression, school issues, and social problems. As a parent, seeing your child unhappy…
A group of moms hold their children while smiling together. Want to free yourself of the bad mom anxiety? Speak with a therapist for moms to see how Therapy for Moms in Evanston, IL can help you today!

Therapy for Moms: ​​Navigating the Anxiety of Transitions

Motherhood is a whirlwind. One moment, you’re rocking your baby to sleep, feeling secure. The next? They're off to kindergarten, a whole new world away. Change is a constant, they say. But what's often overlooked is how heavy these changes…
A group of college students working together. Are you a college student trying to get past your depression? It might be time to seek out treatment for depression in Evanston, IL. Speak with a depression therapist today!

The Pressure of Purple: Treatment for Depression and Therapy Insights for Northwestern Students

Northwestern University fosters academic excellence and intellectual growth. Yet, beneath the shiny surface of vibrant campus life, many Wildcats grapple with a common foe – depression. The pressure to get good grades, the uncertainty of the…
A group of young adults walking on a trail together. Want to navigate life transitions in Evanston, IL after graduating college? Speak with a therapist for college students to learn how therapy for college students in IL can help!

Life After College: Navigating Life Transitions for Northwestern Graduates & Students

You did it! At Northwestern, you pulled all-nighters, survived crazy roommates and nutty professors, and…you graduated! Way to go, Wildcat! But you might be asking yourself, “Now what?” Post-college life transitions can be puzzling. At…