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In-Person Therapy for Chronic Pain and GI Symptoms in Evanston, IL, and Online in Illinois

Finding Relief When the Pain is Physical and Emotional.

At Evanston Counseling,
We Specialize in Therapy for Chronic Pain and GI Distress

Sometimes the challenges life throws your way can feel unfair and almost impossible to handle. Chronic pain and gastrointestinal (GI) issues are those kinds of challenges. Both are painful and emotionally isolating conditions— and you never know when unpredictable symptoms will flare up or when you will have a bad pain day.

How can you plan your life when you can’t trust your body? The reality is, like so many others,  you don’t. Instead, you avoid making plans and just live your life day-to-day. You miss being with friends and family at picnics, movies, or strolls in your favorite park. But you can’t risk the embarrassment and hassle of a flare-up on a “bad day.”

So, on top of the pain and discomfort are loneliness and anxiety, which only aggravates your condition—it’s a never-ending cycle.

You don’t have to face this alone. The compassionate, caring counselors at Evanston Counseling can bring you relief.

Woman hunched over with her hands around her stomach. The photo represents someone experiencing GI Distress or Chronic Pain in Evanston IL | 60201

At Evanston Counseling, We Understand That Living with Chronic Pain or GI Symptoms Isn’t Easy

It can be hard to cope with chronic pain or GI symptoms when no one understands or empathizes. But we know what you are going through and understand the impact on your life.

  • Symptoms that regularly disrupt your daily routine and activities.
  • Having to cancel activities with your friends even though that strains personal relationships.
  • Abandoning your hobbies because you’re worried about flare-ups when you leave home.
  • The sleepless nights that leave you tired and foggy throughout the day.
  • Wanting to escape into a good novel but being unable to focus through the brain fog or nagging pain.
  • The constant worry about keeping your job with all the sick time you’ve had to use.
  • Waking up in the morning already tense and anxious, not knowing what the day will bring.

Anticipating the next flare-up feels a lot like waiting for the dentist to start drilling. When something like that is your constant companion, it’s no wonder you can feel anxiety, stress, and even depression. Especially if your friends and family can’t, or don’t know how to, provide support.

Therapy for Stress and Anxiety Can Alleviate Chronic Pain and GI Symptoms

You’ve followed all the protocols the doctors offer but still don’t have relief. It feels like your family and friends downplay your pain; even your doctors tell you it’s psychosomatic. It can be so frustrating and depressing when no one believes you!

We understand why you may be reluctant to explore therapy as an alternative approach. But acknowledging the influence of stress and anxiety on your body doesn’t mean you’re admitting the pain is “all in your head.” You know the pain is real – and we believe you.

The protocols you so carefully followed have failed because the complex mind-body connection isn’t considered in standard medical approaches.

Many studies have shown that stress and anxiety are associated with GI symptoms and chronic pain.

At Evanston Counseling, we offer a combination of psychodynamic therapy, hypnotherapycognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and stress management strategies. Both hypnotherapy and CBT, are recognized as beneficial therapeutic interventions.

So, our first priority is to reduce the stress and anxiety you are experiencing, which will lessen the pain and discomfort. In other words, through therapy, we can break the cycle of pain, loneliness, anxiety, stress, and aggravated symptoms.

Through therapy, you’ll learn to:

  • Develop coping methods for physical discomfort and emotional distress.
  • Cultivate mindfulness and relaxation practices to ease pain and promote symptom relief.
  • Manage feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress related to chronic conditions.
  • Improve communication with loved ones and healthcare professionals.

Our clients report remarkable improvements in both their physical symptoms and emotional well-being as they apply what they’ve learned in therapy.

We Offer a Supportive Environment for Mind-Body Healing in Evanston, IL

Evanston Counseling therapists are committed to helping you get relief from the physical and emotional challenges of living with chronic pain and GI symptoms. Our top priority is providing an environment where you feel genuinely heard, understood, and supported. Together, we’ll work toward nurturing and healing that all-important mind-body connection to reduce your anxiety and pain.

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