Teen Therapy: How to Support Your Child

Surviving the teen years is indeed a hero’s journey. Emotional and physical pitfalls and triumphs are part of this wild adventure. Perhaps you and your child are finding that therapy will help you stay afloat in the sea of social, emotional,…
Two teen girls sit on the ground playing with a tennis ball together. Want to help your teen better understand themselves? Speak with a teen therapist to see how teen therapy in evanston, IL can help them.

Nurturing Self-Esteem Through Teen Therapy

Generally speaking, the teen years are bursting with emotional, physical, and social changes. It's important to realize what your teen is going through. Take a quick trip down memory lane and call up those years. Amid intense self-discovery,…
A group of teens walk together outside in a park. Want to help your teen develop in a healthy way? Speak with a teen therapist to learn how Therapy for Teenagers in Evanston, IL helps!

Therapy for Teenagers: A Clear Guide for Early Intervention

Teen years can be tough. Bodies change, hormones rage, and emotions run high. Most teens manage this challenging time okay, but some struggle with anxiety, depression, school issues, and social problems. As a parent, seeing your child unhappy…
A teenage boy appears sad while wearing a black hoodie. Want to find a therapist for teens in Evanston, IL for your teen? Learn more about how Therapy for Teenagers in Illinois could what you need.

Tips from a Therapist for Teens on How to Survive Teenage Anxiety

Being a teen is tough. There's so much going on, both physically and emotionally. You're dealing with puberty, changing relationships, new academic and social pressures. Also, you're trying to keep up with all of the homework. It's no wonder…
A group of teenagers smiling together. Looking to get your teen into Online Therapy for Teenagers in Evanston, IL? Speak with a therapist for teens in Illinois today!

Online Therapy for Teens vs. In-Person: How do you choose?

Navigating Mental Health Support for Your Teenager You can sense that your teen is struggling emotionally. You ask open-ended questions about how they are doing, and they reply, “Fine. Don’t worry so much.” You feel that getting mental…

Evanston Therapy: My body flaws are taking over my life! Is it Body Dysmorphic Disorder?

You know that body positivity is the trend these days. Messages about loving every part of your body, no matter the shape, color, or size, are everywhere on social media. But somehow, you just can’t get past your flaws. Our Evanston therapists understand where you are coming from. We’re ready to chat with you about how you feel.


Evanston Therapy – Grades slipping, ADHD, and anxiety climbing? Evanston therapists help you beat procrastination

It’s final exam time for the Northwestern students here in Evanston and for many of the local colleges here in Chicago. You know you should be studying for that bio final or writing the paper for your psych class. In our Evanston therapy practice, we work with students like you to develop strategies to procrastinate less and keep the anxiety and ADHD away.

How to make meaningful friendships Kick anxiety to the curb

If you are a millennial feeling the weight of loneliness, you are not alone. Data from a 2019 poll by YouGov, a polling firm and market research company, say that millennials have the highest percentage of loneliness of all the generations surveyed. So, how do you reduce the anxiety and make new friends at this time in your life? As therapists in Evanston and Chicago, we often work with young adults navigating the new waters of “adulting.”