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We want to help you heal the past and present hurts and discover who you want to be, without fear of judgment. In fact, we want you to feel more connected than ever because you will discover you aren’t alone. Prepare to laugh, sometimes cry, but ultimately ease into more of who you are and what you want.

We are accepting, healing, funny, and down to earth, and our office is a serene, private space for you to feel safe and heard. Working from a humanistic, client-centered and multi-cultural background, We will not try to fit your situation into a cookie cutter diagnosis. Many of our clients are unique, unconventional, alternative and eccentric individuals who crave their best possible lives. We work with people of all identities and lifestyles.

Catherine Boyce, Ph.D

Evanston Therapist
Executive Director

Isabella Koptik, MSW

Evanston Therapist

Kevin Miller, MSW

Evanston Therapist

Lily Ohl, LSW

Evanston Therapist

Marion Wineinger, LSW

Evanston Therapist

You’ve Been Carrying the Anxiety Around for Far Too Long.

No one really knows what it’s like to be you and it feels utterly lonely. But you are at the point, where you want to find hope again and see if there is a chance that it doesn’t have to be this way.

The next step is finding someone who knows how to help.

No matter who you are, we will treat you with respect and help you as you need and want to be helped. And you don’t need to live in Evanston to seek our help. We see clients both virtually and in person!

If you are feeling sad, lost, or uncertain about your identity or future, we will help you clarify your own life path. You are not as alone as you may think you are. You can create the life you want.

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