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Therapy For Anxiety in Evanston, IL

Therapy for anxiety that is fueled by persistent, negative thoughts.

Anxiety is making it hard for you to be happy, even when you feel you should be your happiest. The thoughts run like a faucet that you can’t shut off. You would if you could. You know what you are feeling is taking over your life, but you can’t seem to stop yourself. At Evanston Counseling, we realize how hard it can be to feel this loss of control over your own mind and life.

Family and friends just don’t understand what it is like. They say: “Just change your thoughts or don’t think about that thing.” If it were only so easy to stop rehearsing every negative scenario. You can see how it will all go down in your mind. And it feels awful.

Along with the anxiety, comes loneliness, hopelessness, and depression. Some days are so bad that you just don’t feel up for seeing anyone or going out.  School, work, and fun feels just too much. And it feels like it will never get better, that you will never again have a day without worry and physical discomfort. The anxiety can be all-consuming and make you feel even physically sick.

A woman sits on the edge of a cliff overlooking trees. Looking for a way to get past your anxiety? Therapy for anxiety in Evanston, IL might be the right choice for you. Conquer your anxiety with an anxiety therapist today!

If you’re feeling anxious about college life, your future, career, family, or relationship and are ready to feel in control of your life and your thoughts, call us at (773) 983-8444 for a free 15-minute phone consult. We will listen.  Next, we’ll match you with a therapist who can help you with your specific type of anxiety and take charge of your life. Our Evanston Therapists specialize in therapy for anxiety. Or you can schedule a time to chat with us.

I Feel Like I’m Out of Control

When you are anxious, you feel scared that you are losing control. You’re afraid of looking like a fool out in public. You have a nagging feeling that something bad is about to happen.

Living with anxiety can make you feel very alone. No one can understand what it means to worry and feel on edge all the time or continually be physically uncomfortable.

How Do I Know if Its Anxiety?

Worry is a constant companion. The racing thoughts are almost always negative. I can’t imagine things getting any better and am sure they will probably get worse. I worry about what I said or did and I obsess over what others think of me. I wonder why I can’t get things right and why everything just feels so hard. I can’t seem to relax or enjoy things because my brain just won’t be quiet.

I don’t understand why my body also feels so out of control. I get a tightness in my chest and sometimes I feel like I can’t catch my breath. I can’t get rid of the stress and then it starts to affect my sleeping and eating. I lie awake obsessively thinking about the next bad thing that will happen. It’s weird. I either don’t have an appetite or I’ll overeat to make myself feel better.

If you feel like this, our anxiety therapists at Evanston Counseling can help you figure out what is normal and what is fear caused by anxiety. We want you to feel better. You don’t have to go through life feeling nervous and physically uncomfortable.

Everyone Worries, Right?
How Do I Know if My Anxiety Is Serious?

You’re right. Almost everyone worries at one time or another. It’s part of the human experience. But anxiety is different and with the right help with therapy for anxiety, it can be easily treated. Life doesn’t have to be about fear.

Our anxiety therapists will help you with the Anxiety that is fueled by persistent, negative thoughts. Your body hops on the roller coaster with your thoughts and takes you for a ride. Your body goes into fight or flight mode in response to a thought. Life is a constant state of high alert. Yet, there isn’t anything to be afraid of at the moment.

Then your brain interprets the body’s response as proof that there really is a reason for concern. And the cycle continues.

You can feel like a hamster running on a wheel. Your brain and body keep running at a high speed thinking the same thing over and over again but you can’t stop yourself.

Your Anxiety Might Look and Sound Like This

You might worry about EVERYTHING

Yet, the situation is not as serious as the level of concern you’re giving it. You feel on edge at all times. What will happen in the future? Will you be able to find a new path in your life? Will you get fired even though your boss thinks you’re amazing? Will you ever find a good relationship? Will your loving partner leave you? Will your children be okay? Will you succeed in life? (Generalized Anxiety Disorder)

You feel like you will pass out or do something stupid and suddenly be the center of attention. Your heart starts to race as if you’ve just done a HIIT workout. You can feel the tide of emotions rising, but you can’t do anything to stop it. You try to take deep, slow breaths to stop breathing so quickly. Then you begin shaking uncontrollably. You can’t predict when the panic attack will happen, so it’s not like you can prevent it. If it happens in public, you just want to crawl under the floor. (Panic Disorder and Panic Attacks)

Will I get COVID-19 from someone on the purple line and die? I will never know who passed it on to me. I’ll pass it on to my fragile grandmother, and her death will be all my fault. (Health Anxiety Disorder)

You know it’s more than just shyness

Every time you’re out in public, you feel like people are judging you. You feel so uncomfortable sticking up a conversation with someone. It just makes you want to hide or drink to take the edge off. (Social Anxiety Disorder)

It’s hard to get out of the house in the morning

You are sure you’ve left your hair straightener plugged in, the kitchen lights turned on or forgot to feed your fur ball. You must go around your home repeatedly to check all appliances and your pet’s bowl. And the obsessive hand washing is driving you crazy. (Obsessive Compulsive Anxiety Disorder)

You’d rather have 15 cavities drilled than speak in class or give a presentation at work. Final exam days are unbearable for you. (Performance Anxiety Disorder)

You would love to visit the Costa Rican rainforest. The beauty of the animals and plants would be incredible to see. You know it will never happen, because there is no way you would ever get on a plane. Just seeing a plane on TV makes your heart start racing and you begin to tremble.  (Phobias)

Most people think of vets returning home from service in a war zone when the topic turns to trauma and PTSD. But you are sure you feel similar symptoms. The memories and flashbacks of the sexual abuse or other trauma that you experienced as a child send you into a panic. It’s like it is happening all over again. (PTSD from Trauma)

There is Hope

We know that anxiety can leave you feeling scared when it hits. Or it can make you irritated. Just when you think the stress is over, it isn’t.

In therapy for anxiety at Evanston Counseling, we can help short-circuit the constant negative emotions-physical response cycle. You’ll learn to calm the nervous system down. Our therapists will show you how to reassure yourself and your body that you are safe. We will help you stop the stream of negative voices in the back of your head. There is no need for intense worry at the moment. Everything is ok.

Treating Anxiety Is Our Specialty

We help anxious and lonely men, women, and adolescents take all of those worries and thoughts that they can’t put to rest and help them calm their minds. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy teaches you how to discover better thoughts than the ones that stress you out all day. Through specific, evidenced-based techniques, you will learn how to change what you think and do—long after therapy is over. Our clients experience huge shifts in how they feel and how they relate to others.

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