You have the family you’ve always dreamed of, but how can something you wanted so badly be so exhausting, stressful, and lonely?

Before becoming a mom, you effortlessly navigated the roles you played in the lives of others—friend, sister, daughter, and partner. You balanced the needs of others, and yourself, to maintain harmony in your relationships. However, being a mom introduces a unique challenge: your child now occupies the center of your world and reshapes your priorities in ways you couldn’t have imagined.

At Evanston Counseling, we specialize in therapy for moms—because we know that although motherhood can be incredibly rewarding, it comes with its fair share of personal sacrifices.

  • Providing loving care and round-the-clock attention to your young children
  • Juggling various roles, including those of mother, partner, sister, friend, and more
  • Attempting to prioritize your limited time between family and work responsibilities
  • Placing too much importance on societal expectations to be the perfect caregiver, provider, and role model
  • Being overly concerned or constantly worrying about your child’s well-being
  • Balancing the need for emotional and physical intimacy in relationships with the demands of motherhood and self-care
  • Neglecting self-care and personal interests like the hobbies and activities that once brought you joy
  • Struggling to negotiate parenting differences between you and your partner
  • Worrying about the significant financial obligations of raising a child
  • Turning to your family for support and getting advice or opinions which, although well-intentioned, leave you confused, conflicted, or angry.

It’s no wonder you feel alone and anxious with nowhere to turn. It’s okay to feel this way but also know change is possible. Therapy can offer genuine help.

At Evanston Counseling,
We Specialize in Therapy for Moms

Frustrated, overwhelmed work at home mom with two children. The photo represents the stress and anxiety that therapy for moms in Evanston IL can help you manage. Evanston Counseling | 60201

Being a mom is a life-long commitment. So it’s natural to feel a range of emotions and overwhelm as you adapt to the changing roles of motherhood.

We’re here to support you through every stage:

  • Being a new mom
  • Coping with an active toddler and family
  • Facing the unique challenges of parenting a teenager
  • Facing your empty nest

Personalized Counseling, Focused on You.

Because we approach everything through the lens of your unique perspective, your personalized counseling may focus on the following.


As a busy, devoted mom, you feel drained by the end of the day. We’ll identify the sources of your fatigue and help you develop coping strategies and self-care practices to leave you feeling rested and restored.


When you take on too much, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all your daily responsibilities. We’ll help you prioritize and set boundaries to reduce the feelings of overwhelm and create a life with more balance.


Anxiety symptoms are incredibly uncomfortable and can wear you down. Together we’ll work to understand your triggers and negative thought patterns. Then, create a plan to manage your anxiety symptoms when they arise.

Guilt and Low Self-Esteem

Your guilt and low self-esteem can come from unrealistic expectations you place on yourself. We’ll explore those feelings and help develop self-acceptance to promote a positive, healthier sense of self.

The Perfect Parent Trap

Many moms fall into this emotional trap. We’ll help you set realistic expectations and get past the social pressures and expectations to be a “perfect mother.”


Even busy moms can feel alone if they’ve become isolated or disconnected from their partner, family, and friends. Together we’ll develop strategies to reconnect you with your family and friends.

Identity Issues

Many moms lose themselves to the all-encompassing role of mother. But you can give your children the best in life without sacrificing your own needs and identity. In therapy, you’ll learn to set aside YOU time and regain your sense of self.

Relationship Difficulties

Intimate relationships can flatline because parents devote their energy and attention to their children. We’ll help you (and your partner) find ways to rekindle the emotional connection and intimacy you once shared.


Stress is your body’s message to your mind — it’s time to make a change! We’ll teach you techniques to manage your stress and bring your mind and body back into a balanced, healthy state.

Therapy for Moms in Evanston, IL,
Is a Safe, Confidential, and Non-judgmental Space.

You might feel alone in your experience, but you aren’t alone. Many moms have difficulty balancing motherhood’s numerous roles and responsibilities. This balancing act can lead to the overwhelm, anxiety, guilt, self-doubt, and exhaustion you are experiencing.

Therapy for Moms can help you find relief from the anxiety, stress, and exhaustion. You’ll gain insights and strategies to transform your situation and lift yourself out of your overwhelming circumstances.

We understand that you might feel uneasy opening up to a stranger. Maybe you’re worried about being discounted or judged. At Evanston Counseling, our therapists create a safe and confidential space where you feel heard and respected. And our approach centers around developing a strong, personal, strengths-based therapeutic relationship between you and your therapist.

There is no judgment, only concern for your well-being and our desire to help you start living your life with balance and joy.

Happy mom painting with her child. The photo represents the benefits of reducing anxiety and overwhelm through therapy for moms in Evanston IL | 60201

Mom Therapy Is the First Step Towards a Balanced Life and Joyful Motherhood.

The caring therapists at Evanston Counseling provide compassionate counseling to moms like you.  Start enjoying your life and being a mom again. Book your free 15-minute consultation today.