Isabella Koptik, LSW

Evanston Therapist


Hello, my name is Isabella! I empower people with depression and anxiety to make the changes they need to feel better about themselves, their relationships, and their lives. Clients often come to me saying they feel confused about why they feel or act the way they do. My job is to support you and help you figure out what it is that is getting in the way of you living your life the way you would like to live it.

Whether you are a young adult, teen, or empty nester, my main focus is to create a warm and trusting relationship right from the start. I want to provide a kind and compassionate experience for you, something that is unlike anything you experience in your daily life. Clients leave my office feeling that for once someone really gets them. This is my goal.

When we dive into our sessions, it’s not about clinical diagnoses or textbook theories. It’s about understanding you—your story, your feelings, and your unique journey.

Ever wonder why you react a certain way in relationships or can’t seem to shake those old conflicts? We’ll look at the feelings, needs, and the issues in your relationships that might be holding you back.

Together, we’ll come up with practical solutions and strategies to improve your life and relationships. Without judgment, just real, down-to-earth support that you can depend on to help you create the life you would like to lead.

Outside of therapy, I cherish time with family and friends and find relaxation in running and crocheting. On a cold day, you may spot me enjoying a cup of tea from Starbucks or eating my favorite snack—popcorn.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Master of Social Work from Loyola University
  • Licensed Social Worker in Illinois, #150112144

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