Anxiety During College Doesn’t Have to Ruin Your Life!

Yes, that sounds good, but how do you make this a reality? You thought college life would be the best time of your life. That’s what everyone has told you. Yeah, it’s fun to be independent and to be away from the family, but it’s not at all what you expected. In fact, it feels downright lonely at times. The rat race for grades at a competitive school like Northwestern, fitting in, wanting to just be yourself but feeling that is not enough, is too much stress. What can you do? Maybe counseling services for college students might be for you.

You Feel Alone and Need Somebody to Listen and Help You Relax

Here at Evanston therapy, you don’t have anything to prove. We are not looking to be impressed and we understand how scary it is to reach out for help, whether you have had therapy before or not. The good news is, with a little help, life can feel so much better and we know how to work with college students to help you get there. It’s our specialty.

In our peaceful office, which is located 2 blocks from Northwestern campus, you can get the help you need to change up your life at school. Private, specialized care to reduce the anxiety of college life. And we work hard to make it convenient to fit in with your busy schedule. You can also meet with our therapists online.

We Can Help You in So Many Ways

Young college student appearing anxious or depressed. The photo represents how anxiety and stress impacts college students. Therapy for anxiety in Evanston IL can help | 60603, 60201


Your life at school is filled with so many “what-ifs.” What if I fail that calculus class? What if I don’t get into the grad program I want? What if my boyfriend finds out what I’m really like? What if I don’t get into a fraternity or sorority? What if I am not happy with my friends and relationships? Who will I live with next year?

The worry is almost constant. You can’t relax and enjoy life now that you are finally away from home. The anxiety is just too great.

Your days are filled with imagining all the scenarios and working out solutions for each one. It’s exhausting. You have no energy left to have fun or focus on your schoolwork.

Don’t panic, we can help you learn to relax and enjoy your college experience. Our therapists will help you see how to walk out of social isolation and into thriving relationships. Our clients leave our offices feeling empowered in their relationships, school work, and lives.

Body Image Issues

When you walk into a room of people, you immediately compare your body to everyone else’s. Walking past a mirror or shop window, you wince at what you see. You wish there were less of you or that you were shaped differently.

If people could hear the things you say to yourself about yourself, they’d be shocked. Recently you’ve become hyperaware of what you are eating and what you are wearing. Maybe you have turned to using substances to help you cope.

Yet, what if you could learn to identify the triggers? Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, you can learn to recognize when you are judging yourself harshly. We have therapists who are specially trained to help you feel better about how you look and to help you feel more in control of what you are putting in your body.

Fun photo of a parked convertible with the driver's feet sticking out the car. The photo represents the freedom college students can feel after therapy for anxiety, stress, and depression in Evanston IL | 60603, 60201

Transitioning Into College Life and Young Adulthood

Perhaps meeting new people all the time at parties and in the dorms has you feeling a little out of it. Everyone seems so confident, but you’re not always feeling it. Who are you really now? Who can you be?

Also, getting used to being at college has had its challenges. Roommates, profs, new romantic relationships, working in groups… Plus, life seems to be flying past you. At Northwestern, one quarter barely gets started before it’s time to move on to the next. You can’t seem to catch your breath before being pushed into new classes with new students, new profs, and new responsibilities.

The pressure is relentless. The pace at lightning speed.

How do you cope? Counseling services can help you figure out how to slow everything down long enough to gulp some air. This new oxygen to your brain can help you to think through who you want to be and where you want to go.

Staying Focused and Managing Your ADHD

You are bright and don’t mind working hard. Yet, you feel awful because your procrastination is keeping you from completing papers, required assignments, and your part of the group project.

It’s not that you are lazy. Far from it. You just have trouble staying focused long enough to know where to start and how to keep the ball rolling.

At Evanston Counseling, our college student counseling experts will help you identify your strengths and how to use them to lead to the success you’re after. Together, we’ll build a plan to help you manage where you might be struggling.

Happy college students at graduation. The photo represents how therapy for college students can help manage anxiety and stress and get students to the finish line. With therapy for college students, you can reduce your stress and anxiety too. Evanston IL | 60603, 60201

Life After Graduation

You feel like you’ve finally figured out how to make college life work, and it’s time for graduation. You’re worried about your next steps. What will you do? In today’s economy, will you be able to find a decent-paying job? Perhaps you’ve considered going to grad school, but you don’t know if you can take more of school right now. Up until now, everything has been laid out for you. Now there are no rules, no boundaries. The world is yours, yet you don’t know which way to go.

Work with one of our therapists to identify a plan and set goals that will motivate you.

Why Evanston Counseling?

  • Our team of therapists are accepting, healing, funny, and down-to-earth.  And, we have clinical experience in a large variety of evidence based therapies. You’ll have a chance for a free, 15-minute consultation to make sure you are matched with the best therapist for you, with someone who feels right for you and is trained in a treatment approach that is best suited to help you with your struggles.
  • We can see you quickly and in-person to start your counseling quickly. Generally we can schedule a first appointment within a week of you calling.
  • Our office is a serene, private space for you to feel safe and heard.
  • We love college students. You are in a special time of your life that will chart the course perhaps for the next decade. You deserve to feel understood and valued.
  • We work with people of all identities and lifestyles. We welcome your unique, unconventional, and alternative way of seeing the world and the life you want to create. We’re not just looking to stick a label on you or to come up with a cookie-cutter treatment plan.
Calm, serene, college student in library. The photo represents how therapy for college students in Evanston, IL can help you be free from the anxiety and stress of college. Manage your symptoms through therapy for college students at Evanston Counseling | 60603, 60201

Are You Ready to Get Started with Therapy for Your Anxiety?

If you are ready to take charge of your life and let go of the anxiety and loneliness, book a free 15 minute consultation to discover how counseling or anxiety therapy can help you through these decisions you face.