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Coping With Empty Nest Syndrome: Therapy and Support for Empty Nesters in Evanston, IL

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Your children have all ventured out to lead the independent lives you’ve prepared them for. And, of course, you’ve been genuinely happy for each of your kiddos as they’ve started college, got married, or moved to pursue an exciting career.

You even thought you might enjoy the freedom, but now your life feels as empty as your nest. You miss all the laughter, tears, petty squabbles, hectic schedules, and cluttered countertops. And you long for the chaotic hustle-bustle that once filled your home.

Anxiety and Sadness are Normal Emotions When Faced With an Empty Nest

Sadness and loneliness are natural emotional responses when your adult children leave home. However, this transitional period can be marked by intense feelings of sadness, loss of purpose, or anxiety as you adjust to the change.

Some common symptoms that Empty Nesters may experience:

  • Sadness or grief
  • Loneliness or isolation
  • Anxiety or worry
  • Loss of identity or purpose
  • Marital or relationship stress
  • Difficulty sleeping or changes in appetite

Experiencing difficult emotions during this transition is normal and healthy. However, if the intensity or duration of those feelings becomes overwhelming, the caring therapists at Evanston Counseling can help.

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Do All Empty Nesters Have Difficulty Adjusting When Their Kids Leave Home?

Most parents go through an adjustment period when their children leave home. It’s normal to find yourself a little lost and lonely in a house that has become too quiet.

But some may feel the loss more acutely than others. Studies show that 28% of parents in an empty nest experience empty nest syndrome.

  • If you were the primary caregiver, you devoted considerable time and energy to your children. So, their absence will be more noticeable in your day-to-day life. Feelings of loneliness and sadness can be even more pronounced if you’ve been a stay-at-home parent.
  • Whether or not you are active outside of the home can determine how you respond to your empty nest. Parents with social or professional obligations outside the family may have fewer intense emotions of sadness or loneliness.
  • Or, perhaps your children are just down the street or across town, so you see them regularly. While your nest might be empty, your children might still be a large part of your life.

Every parent’s experience as an empty nester is unique; there is no right or wrong reason to feel like you do. Feeling healthy, happy, and valued in your new situation is the only important thing.

Evanston Counseling therapists can help you find joy and purpose when faced with the emptiness of your empty nest.

Through Counseling, Empty Nesters Can
Regain Purpose and Reduce Anxiety

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You’ve spent years caring for your children, keeping them safe, being there for them, and helping them grow and mature. They’ve been your primary responsibility for nearly two decades. Having healthy, happy children filled with potential makes you proud and brings you great joy.

We all need this kind of purpose and fulfillment—especially after our children are off living their own lives.

The anxiety and sadness you feel right now can be a catalyst for rediscovering yourself and finding purpose beyond your role as a parent. These a just a few ways to find new purpose and fulfillment in this next chapter of your life:

Redefining your relationship with your adult children:

  • Adapting to new family dynamics can be a source of anxiety for empty nesters. Through therapy, you can learn to provide love, wisdom, and support to your adult children in ways that respect their independence and bring you an equal measure of worth and fulfillment.

Revitalizing your relationship with your partner:

  • After years of focusing on your children, your empty nest can be an enriching opportunity to focus on your relationship. A trusted therapist at Evanston Counseling can provide strategies and advice to help renew your connection, strengthen your relationship, and rekindle your intimate bond.

Rediscovering old interests and discovering new ones:

  • Our caring counselors can help you explore how you’ve changed and what hobbies, interests, and passions might still light your fire. By rekindling old interests and identifying new ones, you can embrace this time as yours for personal growth.

Rediscovering yourself:

  • The years of parenting and life can change us. It can be challenging to reconnect with the person you once were or discover who you would like to be. At Evanston Counseling, our therapists create a safe and supportive space where you can openly share your thoughts and feelings. Through this therapeutic relationship, we help you examine your emotions, identify barriers holding you back, and develop strategies to create new energy and purpose in your life.

Through therapy, you can begin to let go of the idea that your importance and self-worth are tied directly to satisfying your children’s needs. You’ll learn to welcome this new stage in your life as an opportunity to focus on yourself and be whoever you want to be.

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Let Evanston Counseling Help You Embrace This New Chapter in Your Life

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