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Evanston therapists offer tips for people in Evanston struggling with anxiety, loneliness and health issues.

A teenage boy appears sad while wearing a black hoodie. Want to find a therapist for teens in Evanston, IL for your teen? Learn more about how Therapy for Teenagers in Illinois could what you need.

Tips from a Therapist for Teens on How to Survive Teenage Anxiety

Being a teen is tough. There's so much going on, both physically and emotionally. You're dealing with puberty, changing relationships, new academic and social pressures. Also, you're trying to keep up with all of the homework. It's no wonder…
A group of teenagers smiling together. Looking to get your teen into Online Therapy for Teenagers in Evanston, IL? Speak with a therapist for teens in Illinois today!

Online Therapy for Teens vs. In-Person: How do you choose?

Navigating Mental Health Support for Your Teenager You can sense that your teen is struggling emotionally. You ask open-ended questions about how they are doing, and they reply, “Fine. Don’t worry so much.” You feel that getting mental…
A college man is stressed while sitting in front of his laptop. Are you struggling adjusting to college life? Counseling for college students in Evanston, IL can help. Contact a therapist for college students in Illinois to learn more today!

Counseling for College Students: How Much Do You Really Need It?

Everyone has a little difficulty getting adjusted to college life, right? And graduate school could be just a little more intense than you had ever imagined. But do you really need to have therapy as a college student? Let’s take a look at why ongoing therapy for college students could boost your mood, lessen your anxiety and help you to have the success you’re looking for.

Mother showing infant affection. Woman with strong maternal mental health after therapy in Evanston. Get the support a new mom needs from therapists in Evanston

New moms’ guide to Online & In-Person Support in Evanston, IL

Becoming a new mom is one of the most challenging and heart-expanding experiences. Of course, you’ll change intensely physically and emotionally. You might feel isolated and alone. Stress, anxiety, and depression can set in. At Evanston Counseling,…
A group of kids play with water from a fountain in the ground at a plaza. Want to start social anxiety treatment in Evanston, IL so you can live a more full life? Our anxiety therapist in Illinois can help today!

Living Loving Life and Addressing Social Anxiety: 3 Ways to Enjoy Evanston

Do you love where you live? We are longtime residents of Evanston and feel at home here. The community is diverse, inclusive and accepting. Three of the biggest reasons we like living in Evanston are the lakefront, the cultural offerings and the food! Let’s take a deep dive into each one.

Couples counseling

Advice from Our Couples Therapist: Rekindle the Spark and Learn to Speak Your Partner’s Love Language

You desire to be loved. We all do. But have you ever thought that maybe your partner doesn’t like to express and receive love the same way you do? Our therapists at Evanston Counseling work with couples to strengthen their connection and heal…