Feel Comfortable With Your Therapist–Even Online

You’re ready to get better and leave behind the anxiety, loneliness, hopelessness, and depression. Online therapy seems like a good option, but you have your doubts. Could I build a real relationship with my therapist during online sessions? The answer is yes! With our therapists at Evanston Counseling, you can build a genuine connection–even online. Here’s why.

People who have done online therapy say that the most important piece in getting the relationship right is to have the therapist who is the right fit for you, someone who truly understands who you are and what you need and want. Our staff of caring and knowledgeable therapists will offer you respect in a judgment-free zone. You know, the kind of warmth you will be able to feel beyond the screen. It comes across in the words they use and their body language. We are here to work with you to slow down the stream of thoughts. You will ease into feeling more in control of your life. Check out our therapists’ profiles here.

Telehealth: Keeping All of the Goodness of In-Person Sessions

When we start online therapy together, we’ll set goals with you. What kind of life do you want to create for yourself? You can decide what new things you’d like to add to your life and what things you would like to drop or change.

Our time together will be something you look forward to in your week.

Your therapist will listen to you and offer as much feedback as you need. Together, we’ll explore the patterns of behavior you want to change. You’ll discover ways to shift your thoughts and set more boundaries. These new boundaries and changes in your thoughts will give life to fresh behaviors. Good-bye to being weighed down and stressed out all of the time. Your work in therapy will spill over into your relationships and how you show up in your life. Win, win!

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The Perks of Online Therapy in Illinois and Beyond

You’re a busy person. But you can definitely fit therapy into your life.

Evanston Therapy Online Perk #1: Convenience

No transportation issues – With online therapy, forget the mad dash across town to get to your appointment. Trouble finding a parking spot gets checked off of the list.

If transportation is no longer a concern there may be other reasons why telehealth is more convenient for you.

For instance, finding childcare doesn’t have to be on your radar. You can sneak away for your therapy session while your child naps.  One less piece to manage with the limited energy you have.

Let’s be real. Some days you are just not able to get out of the house. A physical illness or overwhelming emotions will not be a limiting factor. You can meet with your therapist without having to leave home.

Evanston Therapy Online Perk #2: Being in Your Own Space

You can work through life’s challenges in a space you know well, that comfy spot on your couch, your favorite chair in your living room or your bed. (BTW, our office is a private, peaceful place, too!) Yet, being in your own space is a win.

Evanston Therapy Online Perk #3: A Little Bit of Distance is Not a Bad Thing

You might like not sitting directly across from your therapist. For you, the added distance through cyberspace is a plus. It wipes out some of the added anxiety of being in the same room with your therapist. Somehow, you feel less judged and more at peace.

Evanston Therapy Online Perk #4: Let’s Keep a Good Thing Going

A lot of personal energy goes into building a relationship with your therapist. It’s exhausting (and a little scary) to think of having to go through finding and getting to know someone new. Leaving your therapist could cause your heart to feel heavy, like after a breakup.

If you move from Evanston after graduation or relocate for work, you can continue to work with us if you live in Illinois. And even if you move out of state, online therapy may still be an option. Our ability to work with people who reside outside of Illinois varies on regulations from state to state. Please check with us to see if we are authorized to provide online therapy in your new state.  We’ll do what we can to walk through the ups and downs, excitement, and fear of this new change in your life, to help you remember that you are not as lost or alone as you may think you are.

Online Therapy May Not Be Best for You If…

Online therapy is a great choice in most cases. Yet, you may want to check into in-person sessions if you find yourself having suicidal thoughts or have suffered severe trauma or PTSD. In-person therapy also may be more appropriate if you have an addiction.

How Do I Get Set Up for Online Therapy?

Claim some space – Find a private, quiet, comfortable spot where you won’t be disturbed during your online session. Think about scheduling your appointment when there are the fewest distractions in your space.

Double-check your tech – We’ll ask you to download our HIPAA-approved app. No worries about confidentiality. Verify that you have a strong internet connection. Be sure that your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer transmits high-quality video and sound. You may also want to use noise-canceling headphones. You’ll have added privacy using headphones, and you’ll be sure not to miss anything we share during the session.

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You Are Not as Alone or Lost as You May Think You Are.

If you are ready to take charge of your life and let go of the anxiety and loneliness, click below to book a free 15-minute consultation to discover how having support can help you through these decisions you face.