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A woman sits and looks at pieces of papers. Wondering how an anxiety therapist in Evanston, IL can help you deal with your anxiety? Learn more about therapy for anxiety in Illinois to see how it can help.

Navigating Stress and Anxiety: Practical Tips from an Anxiety Therapist in Evanston

As anxiety therapists in Evanston, we see it all the time – the racing heart, the shortness of breath, the constant worry loop. You might experience muscle tension, interrupted sleep, or a loss of concentration when you’re anxious. The weight…
A group of kids play with water from a fountain in the ground at a plaza. Want to start social anxiety treatment in Evanston, IL so you can live a more full life? Our anxiety therapist in Illinois can help today!

Living Loving Life and Addressing Social Anxiety: 3 Ways to Enjoy Evanston

Do you love where you live? We are longtime residents of Evanston and feel at home here. The community is diverse, inclusive and accepting. Three of the biggest reasons we like living in Evanston are the lakefront, the cultural offerings and the food! Let’s take a deep dive into each one.

A person lays down with a book on their face. Tired of your anxiety stopping you from succeeding in college? Therapy for anxiety could be for you. Call today to speak with an anxiety therapist!

Help! How can I Manage College Anxiety and Panic? Tips from an Evanston Anxiety Therapist

You knew that college life would be tough. But you didn’t know it would kick in week two of the first quarter! How could you possibly already have exams and papers due? You’ve begun to live your life in a constant state of panic. Our Evanston therapists can help you get a handle on the anxiety and panic before you burn out your mental health..

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Life Transitions: From Anxiety to Harmony

Have you heard the saying that the only thing constant is change? Life is always moving and shifting. Summer can be a season of transition and change. You might be moving on from life as a college student to full on adulting with a full-time…

Anxious attachment with your partner? How to drop the trauma and thrive

 No matter how much your partner assures you that you are loved and wanted in the relationship, do you seem incapable of exhaling and relaxing? Perhaps, you require constant communication of your partner’s whereabouts. Any emotional or physical distance feels like abandonment and sends your anxiety through the roof.  Can you relate to any of this? If so, read more to see how you can discover how to relax and feel safe with your partner.

Evanston Therapy – What to Expect from Counseling and Therapy At Evanston Counseling

Have you been looking for the best therapist for you? Someone who is close to where you study, live or work in Evanston? Perhaps you Googled “Evanston therapists” and created a short list of those who seemed like a good fit. Even after doing this searching you may have more questions than answers. This is to be expected. Completely!


Evanston Therapy – Healing from Miscarriage, Yes it’s Possible. Helpful Advice from a Therapist to Heal Your Anxiety

The days in Evanston could fly by in a blur if you are suffering from a miscarriage. In our North Chicago-Evanston therapy practice, we walk alongside women who have seen their hopes of motherhood dashed. We grieve with you and hold space for you. When you are ready, we will be here to help you heal.

Evanston Therapy – Want to Take the “Scary” Out of Finding a Therapist in Evanston? Ask These 6 Questions

You really want to find a therapist. Life just feels too heavy. Finding a therapist is almost as scary and as fun as going on a blind date. How do you find a therapist in Evanston? There are so many therapists in the Chicago area. How do you know which one will truly understand you and be able to help you? We’ve got you covered and are here to help. Here are a few questions to ask to make finding an excellent therapist in Evanston a little easier.


Evanston Therapy – Can Online Hypnotherapy Really Work to Ease My Anxiety or Chronic Pain?

You may be interested in hypnotherapy but may be wondering if it would work in an online, virtual setting. Can you sit in the comfort of your living room on your couch and receive the same benefits of in-person hypnotherapy in Chicago? We have seen that clients have the same positive outcomes from online hypnotherapy as they would in our Evanston and Chicago therapy offices.

Evanston Therapy – Therapy and Hypnosis, How Can it Help You Cope with Anxiety?

When you think of hypnosis, what comes to mind? Most of us probably think of a stage performance. Fortunately, clinical hypnosis is entirely different! If anxiety tends to get the best of you, clinical hypnosis could help. In our hypnotherapy practice in Chicago and Evanston, we help our clients with anxiety to train their brains to experience more peace in nerve wracking situations. It might be beneficial for you, too.