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Advice from Our Couples Therapist: Rekindle the Spark and Learn to Speak Your Partner’s Love Language

You desire to be loved. We all do. But have you ever thought that maybe your partner doesn’t like to express and receive love the same way you do? Our therapists at Evanston Counseling work with couples to strengthen their connection and heal…

Anxious attachment with your partner? How to drop the trauma and thrive

 No matter how much your partner assures you that you are loved and wanted in the relationship, do you seem incapable of exhaling and relaxing? Perhaps, you require constant communication of your partner’s whereabouts. Any emotional or physical distance feels like abandonment and sends your anxiety through the roof.  Can you relate to any of this? If so, read more to see how you can discover how to relax and feel safe with your partner.

Couples Therapy: Do You Make These Mistakes in Your Partnership? How Not to be a Pandemic Statistic

You might gloomily remember the lockdown for any number of reasons. Yet your most vivid memory might be how you began to question why you are still with your partner. Our Evanston couples therapists are ready to talk with you individually or as a couple to look at this question with curiosity and help you to reach better clarity.

How to escape the anxiety of being rejected: swipe right or embrace alone time?

If you’ve heard “Really, it’s not you….” one too many times as a relationship ends, you may be a little gun shy about swiping right again. Will this new person be any different? Will this be the time I find someone who likes me for who I am? In our Evanston and Chicagoland therapy practices, we hear the stories of the anxiety around dating and rejection all too often.

Secure, healthy love, do you want to build it? 6 Relationship Counseling Tips to improve communication and connection

When you enter a relationship or get married, you have expectations for your new life. Inevitably, reality can be less than ideal, and those expectations might go unmet. In our Chicago and Evanston counseling practices, we help women who want to understand and change their relationships . We have compiled some habits of healthy couples to inspire you.

Agree to Disagree? How to Manage Couple’s Conflicts and End Angry Fights

Conflict in your partnership is inevitable. Instead of resolving the present conflict, you could instead choose to focus on the health and growth of your relationship.