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A woman sits at her desk holding her face thinking at work. Do you think Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help you manage your stress? A CBT therapist in Evanston, IL can help you answer that.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Conquering Your Stress

The relationship with that cute guy you thought was going somewhere stalls. Your overly demanding boss is breathing down your neck. The post-holiday VISA bill arrives, and you are freaking out. Stress squeezes us on all sides. Our CBT therapists…
Young woman giving a presentation. Looking to curb your social anxiety? CBT for anxiety in Evanston, IL through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy might help!

How CBT for Anxiety Can Help Tame Your Social Anxiety

Perhaps social butterfly is not a term you would ever use to describe yourself. Instead, you feel more like a nervous caterpillar trapped in a cocoon in social situations. When your bestie invites you to brunch with friends from her job, you’re…

Lonely, Sad, Depressed Most of the Time? It’s called Persistent Depressive Disorder

Perhaps you’ve struggled with depression in the past. You’ve thought of going to see someone, but you have stretches where life really isn’t that bad. Did you know that there is a milder form of depression that endures over time? It's called Persistent Depressive Disorder or Dysthymia.  It comes with sadness, directly impacts your life, and might cause you to lose pleasure in normally enjoyable activities.

Treatment for PMS and PMDD: How to Deal with Depression During My Period

Is the depression from the PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) and PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) that serious? Well, maybe. Our therapists at Evanston Counseling specialize in treatment of PMS and PMS Depression, also known as PMDD. We’ll help you to find ways of dealing with the dark days of depression associated with your period.

Are You Suffering from Minor Blues or Major Depression: How to tell the difference

We all pass through difficult moments or maybe even difficult weeks or months. Life seems just a little too heavy to bear. But at what point should you be concerned and start to call what you are feeling depression? When would it be best to contact us at Evanston Counseling to speak with one of our compassionate therapists? Read on to find out more.

Seasonal Affective Disorder: Do You Do a Deep Dive into Depression as Winter moves in?

Have you noticed how your mood starts to shift downward into depression as the fall and winter approach? The more cold, dark, and gray the days become, the more you can feel a heaviness set in over your thoughts or in your body. At Evanston Counseling, we get that! If you see your moods shifting at this time, you may want to look into therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder.


Evanston Therapy: My body flaws are taking over my life! Is it Body Dysmorphic Disorder?

You know that body positivity is the trend these days. Messages about loving every part of your body, no matter the shape, color, or size, are everywhere on social media. But somehow, you just can’t get past your flaws. Our Evanston therapists understand where you are coming from. We’re ready to chat with you about how you feel.

Evanston Therapy – Therapy and Hypnosis, How Can it Help You Cope with Anxiety?

When you think of hypnosis, what comes to mind? Most of us probably think of a stage performance. Fortunately, clinical hypnosis is entirely different! If anxiety tends to get the best of you, clinical hypnosis could help. In our hypnotherapy practice in Chicago and Evanston, we help our clients with anxiety to train their brains to experience more peace in nerve wracking situations. It might be beneficial for you, too.

How to Be More Alive and Have Less Struggle with Chronic Pain

You wish you would wake up one morning, and it would be gone. The constant ache, the sharp jabs…the reminder that your life is not quite what it could be or once was. A recent study shows that chronic pain impacts the lives of over 50 million Americans. If this is your life, you are well acquainted with the extra medical costs, limits to your social life, and lost workdays associated with your chronic pain. At Evanston Counseling, we feel for you and our clients who suffer daily. We want you to know there are ways to reclaim more of the juice of life and to feel the struggle less.

How to make meaningful friendships Kick anxiety to the curb

If you are a millennial feeling the weight of loneliness, you are not alone. Data from a 2019 poll by YouGov, a polling firm and market research company, say that millennials have the highest percentage of loneliness of all the generations surveyed. So, how do you reduce the anxiety and make new friends at this time in your life? As therapists in Evanston and Chicago, we often work with young adults navigating the new waters of “adulting.”