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Anxious attachment with your partner? How to drop the trauma and thrive

 No matter how much your partner assures you that you are loved and wanted in the relationship, do you seem incapable of exhaling and relaxing? Perhaps, you require constant communication of your partner’s whereabouts. Any emotional or physical distance feels like abandonment and sends your anxiety through the roof.  Can you relate to any of this? If so, read more to see how you can discover how to relax and feel safe with your partner.

Secure, healthy love, do you want to build it? 6 Relationship Counseling Tips to improve communication and connection

When you enter a relationship or get married, you have expectations for your new life. Inevitably, reality can be less than ideal, and those expectations might go unmet. In our Chicago and Evanston counseling practices, we help women who want to understand and change their relationships . We have compiled some habits of healthy couples to inspire you.