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Life Post-Pandemic, Social Anxiety and Panic Attacks Rising? How to Cope and Thrive

We have spent so much of the past 15 months indoors with limited access to our “normal” activities and livelihoods. Many of us battled being lonely. At times, the acute stress brought on by all of the unknowns weighed us down.

How do we deal with the social anxiety and panic attacks from resuming our “normal” activities? You've been vaccinated, do you want to be indoors with others without wearing a mask? Which activities do you resume?

All of these questions create a new, palpable swirl of anxiety. In my Evanston/Chicago-based practice, my clients struggle to find answers that support the peace they want to create in their post-pandemic lives.


“I feel lonely and anxious.” Social isolation, is it hurting me?

Loneliness may be affecting you in ways that you never imagined. It can affect our health as negatively as obesity or smoking.