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How to Navigate the Emotional Empty Nest, Grieve and Move Forward to Fulfillment

Your last child has left home to go to college, pursue a burning interest, or find their way in the world. Your relationship with your children has, in part, defined who you are. How will you restructure your identity after the empty nest? In our Evanston/Chicago-area counseling practice, we help empty-nesting women discover their priorities, reestablish social connections with their friends, and ignite relationships with their partners.

Back to Work vs. Stay at home: How does An Anxiety-filled Momma Decide what’s best?

After the birth of your child, making the decision to return to the 9-5 or to join the ranks of stay-at-home moms can be gut-wrenching. Weighing this decision could also bring a lot of anxiety. So many factors come into play.