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A group of moms hold their children while smiling together. Want to free yourself of the bad mom anxiety? Speak with a therapist for moms to see how Therapy for Moms in Evanston, IL can help you today!

Therapy for Moms: ​​Navigating the Anxiety of Transitions

Motherhood is a whirlwind. One moment, you’re rocking your baby to sleep, feeling secure. The next? They're off to kindergarten, a whole new world away. Change is a constant, they say. But what's often overlooked is how heavy these changes…

Evanston Therapy – Transitioning From 1 to 2 Kids, Headache or Joy?

Perhaps the emotional and financial strain of the pandemic has got you seriously considering the question of whether you will add another child to your family. Is now the best time? Is this the best decision for my partner, me, and our firstborn? In our Evanston therapy practice, we hear many women grappling with the answers to these questions. We are here to listen to you, to ease any anxiety and to offer you hope.


Intense thoughts, constant worry and fear after delivery, could it be postpartum anxiety?

You’ve heard of postpartum depression. But have you heard of postpartum anxiety? Many women experience it. They feel lonely as they deal with their racing and self-labeled irrational thoughts. “No one else must be feeling this,” they say to themselves, “it’s not talked about.”

Are you in the Evanston or greater Chicagoland area? As postpartum therapists, we are well-acquainted with what you are feeling. We have journeyed with other moms like you through this season and aided them in living with greater peace.


Pregnancy Depression? How to Know and What to Do for you and baby

You might be like many other pregnant women. Somewhere in the course of your pregnancy, you no longer feel like getting out of bed. Nothing seems to console you and you can’t stop crying. You spend your days going from your bed to your couch. The television blares constantly and barely dampens the sadness you feel. You have had a few suicidal thoughts, but you feel like you would never act on them. You’ve been thinking maybe you should see someone who does counseling for moms.

Back to Work vs. Stay at home: How does An Anxiety-filled Momma Decide what’s best?

After the birth of your child, making the decision to return to the 9-5 or to join the ranks of stay-at-home moms can be gut-wrenching. Weighing this decision could also bring a lot of anxiety. So many factors come into play.