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A person lays down with a book on their face. Tired of your anxiety stopping you from succeeding in college? Therapy for anxiety could be for you. Call today to speak with an anxiety therapist!

Help! How can I Manage College Anxiety and Panic? Tips from an Evanston Anxiety Therapist

You knew that college life would be tough. But you didn’t know it would kick in week two of the first quarter! How could you possibly already have exams and papers due? You’ve begun to live your life in a constant state of panic. Our Evanston therapists can help you get a handle on the anxiety and panic before you burn out your mental health..

Evanston Therapy – Grade Rat Race Getting You Down? How to Deal with Anxiety and College Life

If you’re a student, no one needs to tell you that college life (the rat race for grades, standing out at a competitive university, etc.) is stressful and causes a ton of anxiety. But, anxiety doesn’t have to rule your college years. You can learn to cope with it to feel better, enjoy this time and make it some of your most fun years. Our Evanston therapists are here to help you identify if you’re feeling anxiety and how to successfully manage the symptoms.

Say Goodbye to Holiday Anxiety and Embrace More Peace

​​The holidays can be one of the most stressful times of the year. Spending money to purchase gifts, choosing the right thing for the people in your life, preparing the meals, attending parties, hosting people in your home, overeating, managing family dynamics, and boundaries… One big, anxiety hot mess! What if you could lessen the stress and get to the other side of the end-of-the-year festivities in one healthy piece? You can!

Life Post-Pandemic, Social Anxiety and Panic Attacks Rising? How to Cope and Thrive

We have spent so much of the past 15 months indoors with limited access to our “normal” activities and livelihoods. Many of us battled being lonely. At times, the acute stress brought on by all of the unknowns weighed us down.

How do we deal with the social anxiety and panic attacks from resuming our “normal” activities? You've been vaccinated, do you want to be indoors with others without wearing a mask? Which activities do you resume?

All of these questions create a new, palpable swirl of anxiety. In my Evanston/Chicago-based practice, my clients struggle to find answers that support the peace they want to create in their post-pandemic lives.