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Evanston Therapy – Can Online Hypnotherapy Really Work to Ease My Anxiety or Chronic Pain?

You may be interested in hypnotherapy but may be wondering if it would work in an online, virtual setting. Can you sit in the comfort of your living room on your couch and receive the same benefits of in-person hypnotherapy in Chicago? We have seen that clients have the same positive outcomes from online hypnotherapy as they would in our Evanston and Chicago therapy offices.

Evanston Therapy – Therapy and Hypnosis, How Can it Help You Cope with Anxiety?

When you think of hypnosis, what comes to mind? Most of us probably think of a stage performance. Fortunately, clinical hypnosis is entirely different! If anxiety tends to get the best of you, clinical hypnosis could help. In our hypnotherapy practice in Chicago and Evanston, we help our clients with anxiety to train their brains to experience more peace in nerve wracking situations. It might be beneficial for you, too.


Tired of IBS chronic pain and GI distress?  Hypnosis is worth a try to ease pain

It wasn’t until 15 to 20 years ago that clinical health psychologist Olafur Palsson, PsyD, crafted a treatment protocol to use with his patients suffering from IBS. His clients saw their irritable bowel symptoms like cramping, bloating and gas diminish after participating in several sessions of hypnotherapy.